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About Tsuka

Stunning World

A world filled with magical powers, creatures, and a special family. The story centralizes itself around the main clan; the Hayashi's. More particularly, Lee Hayashi the next of kin. His

world that is built upon magic and traditional lifestyles. As you begin to familiarize yourself with the towns and villages of the story it will bring this fantasy world to life.

Deep Story

A storyline that will get you talking, one with a deep and enriched background. I, the writer and developer have spent over a year developing a deep and complex storyline for my readers. One that is delivered in a simple, subtle, but unique way.  Feel the joy, sadness, and anticipation that comes with Tsuka.

Character Development

Follow the characters throughout this story. As you begin to read you will see the unique and dynamic designs, along with amicable personalities, and ruling self-development. Watch as the world begins to change these characters for the better and worse. 

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New releases

Available NOw


brokenties cover 3.png

Chapter 1: Broken Ties

Part 3 of 6

Sakiko and Lee's assignment quickly becomes disrupted once they figure out who,-- and what they've been entrusted to protect. Meanwhile, back at Ashton Detruis and current keeper-- Kazuhiro deal with another problem at hand.

Available in Paperback,

Digital Kindle and Read Free.

brokenties cover 2.png

Available NOw


Chapter 1: Broken Ties

Part 2 of 6

Lee and his Sonko (Sakiko) are sent on a mission. Separate from that of which their Uncle Haruo was tasked with. Little do they know what awaits them.

Available in Paperback,

Digital Kindle and Read Free.

News and Updates

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Free reading-

And yes! We do have free books for you to read. Watch for the READ FREE on the Chapter Page

More and More Books-

Tsuka was created with a storyline that is worth reading for years to come. It will always be releasing new books and content. 

Limited Time


Lee Hayashi Limited Shirt! Get the shirt while you can. Shirt is available until the 500th book is sold.

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