Welcome to my website! Contained within this world are a ton of my projects, ranging from comics to 'animation' to voice acting. *cough*Comics are my main attraction.*cough* At the moment the site is undergoing some maintenance, so there may be some kinks yet to be worked out. Other than that, enjoy your stay here, come back any time, and here's hoping for a great maƱana!


The newest MattLin animation is finally complete! Featuring new characters, dancing, and old fashioned cuteness! Check it out HERE.

Adios mi amigos!


A new Flash animation featuring MattLin has been released! Check it out HERE.

Farewell my sistren and brethren.


You can now read the first chapter of MattLin! It is here and waiting for your undivided attention. Please read. I beg you. Check it out HERE.
Farewell mi muchachos.


THE STORE IS OPEN! You can now officially buy Funny Bunnies merchandise and more at my CAFEPRESS STORE!.
Merry Christmas!


Hi boys and girls! It's been a while since last we talked of things, no? Sit down and warm yourself by the fire while old Uncle Cyrus tells you a tale of stuff. First, I hope you've been enjoying Funny Bunnies lately, please take notice at the front page's new look.

Also, I've put up a website for the upcoming MattLin and Lil' Paco. They're rather bare-boned for now, but you can read more about their progress in my blog. I'm also working on putting all my comics in their own section whilst making an entirely new section dedicated to live action projects, which include the upcoming Le Beckoning Cat short film I shot in Sydney. (By the way, I am back in the States now.)

Anywho, I'm spending most of my time this week finishing up January's Funky Pickle Rangers for The Pickle Motocross Illustrated. That's all I know for now. Keep in touch! Don't be a stranger!



Good evenening ladies and gentlemen. It's been awhile, hasn't it? Well, since the last update was a few months ago I thought I should pop in and let everybody know what's going on.

For starters, The Funky Pickle Rangers has become a nearly regular comic displayed in The Pickle Motocross Illustrated and MotoPlayground Magazine. If you can, check them out. If not, don't worry, I'll post little snips of the comics on the site soon.

Secondly, I am starting to write a script for a short film. I've been studying in Sydney, Australia since July and initially had planned to create a short film about a girl named Swirl, but the project has been saved for a later date. Instead I'll be taking advantage of the sights in Sydney to hopefully produce a short romantic comedy. I'm just writing the script now, and filming will likely take place in October. I'm excited about it for sure.

I've also had a chance to meet my friend Althea Aseoche who, if you don't know, is an extremely talented Australian animator, as well as the awe-inspiring Vivienne To who works over at Animal Logic. Not to mention animator Carolyn Gan, storyboard artist Chewie, composer Shane Brown and all-around-super-guy Timothy Gaul. Really, I've been blessed to meet such wonderful people and I appreciate their kindness.

Last order of business: I am creating a new comic that will be geared towards underground tastes. I plan to finish a few strips and send them out to several underground newspapers. If the comic gets picked up, I'll pursue it. If not, I'll scrap it. I'll release more details as they come.

Until next time, take care of yourselves and each other!


If you haven't already, check out my latest animated short Yummers and the Prince. It's a tale of a summer romance that was never meant to be.

After you've taken a look at that, why not take a sneek peak at Greg Bartlett's Khicken. It's a crazy upcoming Flash series about some very special chickens and their adventures in a robot controlled environment. I provide the voice of Integer, a pansy sidekick robot.

And last but not least, check out the next issue of The Pickle Motocross Illustrated when it hits shelves in July. Why? Well, inside it you'll find a special 3 page comic written and illustrated by yours truly.

Then, if you really want to take a walk on the wild side, find your soulmate and live happily ever after until the next update. You've probably noticed updates on comics have virtually come to a screeching halt, but there's a reason for it. There's going to be alot of changes coming to Cyrus Oliver Productions this summer. I look forward to it!

Later ya'll! Come back any time!
Jack, Zura, Rasu, Jill